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Metadata could not be dertermined


Because statement Select * in Procedure ABC uses a temp table..

Error at Data flow Task [OLEDB Source[31]]:Unable to retrieve column information from the data source . Make sure your target table in the database is available.

Can you help me with this error ?

When I ran the procedure from outside its working fine but I am unable to run through SSIS package.

Thank you


how is the SSIS package being run?


running from visual studio itself.



If you are able to use table variables instead of temp tables, that will provide the meta data.

There are other workarounds - one for example is to use SET FMTONLY ON, run the query once, and then SET FMTONLY OFF to get the results. That is more executions, and if I am not mistaken, SET FMTONLY is deprecated.

There is another workaround described here see the last Wacky method. I haven't tried it, so I don't know if that works.


I can vouch for that method... at least back in 2005.