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Merge Replication across different network

Hi Experts,

I wanted to setup establish merge replication between 3 azure VMs (1 Publisher and 2 Subscribers). All VMs are residing in different geographies(US, India and Singapore).
How do we share the snapshot created so that it would be available to publisher/subscribers?
Can some one explain briefly...
I was able to setup replication in same network (with multiple SQL instances), but sync is not happening if I setup across different networks using public IPs. I am currently using SQL Server 2019 installed on Azure VMs.

Naveen J V

I'm not a replication expert, but I would think that the default Azure networking settings would limit access on public IPs. I know that SQL Server replication over internet connections also has some quirks.

Have you looked into Azure network peering:

That might make the network connections more compatible with the replication features you're deploying. It's also more secure as the traffic stays on MS circuits.