Memory Required for Reporting Services 2022

We have a request to install Reporting Services onto an existing SQL 2022 instance. A separate server is not an option, unfortunately.

How much additional memory is required for RS?


It all depends on the reports that will be rendered.

BTW - you can separate the web portal (reporting services) from the database - so you could host the databases on the 2022 instance and create a separate server for just the reporting services. That does need to be licensed separately though.


Thanks @jeffw8713 . T-Yes I understand but just going by what the vendor requested same server for all. Is a RS license required whether I install RS on the db server OR on a separate server? any licensing differences to consider?
Thanks for oiur input.

Every server needs to be licensed - if you install just the reporting services (web component) it still needs to be licensed the same as if you installed the database engine.

Installing into an existing system that is already licensed doesn't need additional licenses - unless you increase the number of CPUs to support the additional workload. Then you would need additional licenses.

When building out an SSRS solution - I build out an all-in-one solution where I have the database engine and reporting services on a single server where the database engine only hosts the report server databases and nothing else.

If someone decides to run a large report where it takes a lot of CPU and memory to render that report - I don't want that impacting the production application users.