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Mdb file corrupted


Our Day cares have a program called procaresoftware. We have 2 sites 47 and 35

From what little I know everytime you add a child, parent etc it puts it into an .MBD FILE. Lately the 35 center has been having issues that they cannot save any new customer. They can only append to the existing child, parent. The version of procaresoftware is version 9 in which they don’t have no more support for it. When I do a repair thru the system that procure provides it gives me NO errors.
I can save data to the 47(day care one). I decided to move the 35 mdb file to the 47 day care one and after I did I could not save new customer to it. So I am inclined to think that the receive.mdb( that’s the name of the file) is having issues.

Any suggestions. Or other troubleshooting tips.


On their website, it looks like version 10 mini has a limit of 60 families. Could it be that the version you have, has reached its limit?


-Try to import the data inside a new database file.

-Checked those database files in your MS Access program.

-May be there is a problem with your clients' program.

-Open those database files in some other MS Access.

As additional knowledge base related to the trouble drop in https://ask.sqlservercentral.com/questions/115425/need-to-recover-access-database-with-superior-solu.html


If still not resolved your issue try microsoft access database tools to repair your corrupted .mdb file.