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Masking of GUID in ClearTrace

ClearTrace appears to be unable to mask GUID values. A client has decided to use them rather tha ID's etc. I'm sure a fix will come in due course, but in the mean time is there a hack I can run agaonst the CT database?


Hmm. I thought it did. Do you have a sample you could post? If you'd rather not post it, you can email it to me using my contact form.

Sure. This is from [CTTextData].

@SiteGuid = "8DB1D55E-A259-E411-B4E7-000C294039DD",
@OrgGroupGuid = "5E437D82-A259-E411-B4E7-000C294039DD",
@TopCount = "5"


You can also see that the TOPCOUNT has not been normalised.
If this is not the kind of 'sample' you need provide more details 9SQL?) and I can provide for you.


Interesting. The double-quotes are what's throwing it off. I don't think I'm looking for double-quotes anywhere at all. I'll check the code but I'm pretty sure that's it.


I would have thought that double quotes would a) be around all GUID’s, and b) result in the value being treated as a string?

I look forward to a fix, much appreciated.