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Managing physical server vs. virtual server


Hello all,

Can somebody help me with this please? I need to know what's the difference between physical server and virtual server in terms of administrating? Thanks in advance!


No difference from my perspective as a production DBA, but I've always worked for large companies where there was a DBA team and also a server team. It's the server team that would have to do things differently, though a production DBA may need to ensure that things are set correctly when the virtual servers are setup, such as the power options at both the host and guest levels.


One more thing I would like to add, is that for VM, performance tuning might not be the same as physical server. In terms of the complexity, the general checking will be the same, however, when you look at the CPU and memory usage, or even disk iops, you might need to check with the hypervisor whereas physical, you are pretty much seeing the actual figure.
Apart from that, on the SQL side will be pretty much the same.

Hope this helps