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Maintain complete database


Hi there,
Your help please.
I have a database that has 2 tables with monetary values in them.
I have a need to remove all the records that have 0.00 into a database and maintain this database by moving all 0.00 records on a monthly basis.
What I am thinking of doing first off is

  1. copy the live database
  2. Remove all records with 0.00 from live database
  3. On a monthly basis move all records that have 0.00 to the copied database

I do not know how to accomplish item 3 above. Could you help me with this part please.

Thanks for your help.

Best Regards,


If you are not using an EXPRESS version of SQL Server you can create a job that copies the records then deletes them from live.


Hi there,
thanks for the reply.

I think I would like to do it manualy if possible.
Would you have any code that could help me get a handle on this.

Best Regards,




Can you first explain why the 0.00 rows are a big enough annoyance to require moving them to a separate database? There may be a better, less painful way to get to the end game but we need to know what that end game is first.