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Mail Attachement


Hi All,
I need to send one Excel report on a daily basis to certain users on mail. Is there a way if i can achieve this via SQL

Please suggest


You can use sp_send_dbmail

You should create a stored procedure that sends out the e-mail, and then schedule to run that stored procedure using a SQL Server Agent job. There are lot of examples and tutorials available on the web on how to use sp_send_dbmail and about how to set up agent jobs.

If you run into difficulties, reply.

  1. This task can be achieved using SSIS Package.
  2. If you want to do in T-SQL. Create a linked server for the excel file. and insert data from table and then send the excel as attachment in mail.


Come to think of it, I would prefer doing this using SSIS rather than T-SQL as well. When OP said SQL,my mind got stuck on T-SQL.


Not all servers will have Integration Services installed - so the OP may not have SSIS available as an option. One issue with using sp_send_dbmail is that you are not actually sending an Excel file. You would be sending a delimited file (tab or csv) that will open in Excel.

If you don't take that into consideration - the file will not be able to be opened directly. To fix that issue, you can tell Excel what the delimiter is - and then it will open.

To do that...in your query you need to modify the first columns name to include the delimiter - with this syntax:

Select sd.Name As [Sep=,' + char(13) + char(10) + 'Name]

Another option - if it is available - would be SSRS. I find sending Excel spreadsheets generally is easier using an SSRS report and subscription. It delivers in Excel and you can format it however you need it...


This is true for the @query_attachment_filename parameter, but the @file_attachments parameter allows you to attach any file, including a native Excel file.