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Looping thru Servers With Dynamic Connection Fails Due to \ in Server Name


Hi experts,
I’m trying to loop thru several server to collect info about those instances.
My ForEach Loop Container is failing due to the \ in the server\instance name. The values are read in from a table
which contains MyServer\Myinstance for example.

Error: The object name “MyServer\MyInstance” is not valid. The name cannot contain any of the following characters: / \ : [ ] . =

Error: The result of the expression "@[User::ServerName]" on property "\Package\Loop thru Servers.Properties[Name]" cannot be written to the property. The expression was evaluated, but cannot be set on the property.

How can I get the connection to work for dynamic server names?


The way I would handle this is add a script task to the ForEach Loop Container in which you change the connection string for the destination connection manager.


Thanks for the suggestion, jotorre. It's the Source server name that causes the error, but I will try that.


Anyone - Is it possible to delete a post or to MOVE a post? I want to repost this in another forum. Thanks


I (and others) can do that for you, just post what Forum you would like it moved to.


Thank you very much, Kristen. The SQl Server Administration forum would be a more appropriate place, I think. If you can move it to that one please. Thanks.


I was able to get my SSIS package working, to loop thru a list of servers and collect information from each instance. But I had to use Linked Servers which is a pain, there has to be a better way.