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LookUp Transformation Help


Hi Everyone,

Need urgent advise Please. I have kind of simple SSIS Package. Here is my package looks like

  2. Drived Column
  3. LookUp Transformation Table1
  4. LookUp Transformation Table2
  5. LookUp Transformation Table3
  6. Data Conversion Transformation
  7. OLE DB Destination

Here is my questions. How can I Use all three LookUp Transformation as "Left Outer Join". I meant to say, I want all values if there is no match found in LookUps.

I know I can use Three Merg Joins Transformation. Is there any other solution?

Please advise.


lookup has two outputs: match and no match. You can use a union transform to combine them.


Thank You for your reply, quick question. How it will work. For example, My source has 10 rows and I want to use LookUpTranformatio to LookUp Value Look Up Table has 100 Rows. After I combine Matching Rows and Non-Matching Rows in UnionAll Transformation. Will I get in final Destination 10 Rows or 100? If 100, How will I get 10 Rows in final Destination?


10 rows. you're looking up based on the source. you can't add rows to the pipeline with lookup