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Hi Everyone,

I configured Log shipping and Backup job running fine by placing the backup files at respective location. The Copy and Restore jobs on Secondary server are not performing well, but these jobs getting successful (status showing "Success") and when I run these jobs manually, then we could see Primary Database backup file copied to respective location and log backup restored on Secondary database.

Can I have a reason why Copy and Restore jobs are not performing (as per schedule where as status shows "Success") and performing well only manually please?

As I cannot run two jobs every time to continue with Log shipping, please give me a solution for the jobs to run successful as per schedule.


Hi Ajay,

There are couple of reasons for these kind of issues,

  • Are you backing up the Database backups in Local or network share (Best practise is local folder).
  • Also your Secondary sql server agent should be under local admin group, check in the following way
    -administrative tools
    -computer management
    -Local Users and Groups
  • Also Any maintanance plans are executing in both primary and secondary also will may cause this issue.
  • Please perform the above steps if still facing the same issue, Please stop all the jobs (Backup, copy and restore) and take the FULL+TLOG backup manually and restore on secondary with NORECOVERY option and delete the backup files from both backup and copy folder
  • Start the jobs to fix the issue.