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Login is slow from Windows Integrated sql login



I have a SQL server that belongs to a domain and an application server that is stand alone. Of course it has the right ROUTES to reach the sql server.
when I use a test.udl file to test the connection, a sql login would work right away. But if we try a windows integrated account (servername\username) it takes about 25 seconds to connect.

Unfortunately I have MSMQ running on that server and application that has to take these messages and send it to the SQL server. Because of the delay (I think) MSMQ keeps all its messages.

Do you know what could be the reason for this delay only on WIndows integrated logins?

Note that, I have windows firewall disabled on these servers, No Antivirus.

SQL Server 2008 R2.
Application Server - Windows 2008 R2

Thanks for your time,



Check your domain controller


what am I looking for?


Loot at wait stats and especially for PREEMPTIVE_OS_xxx types


Those are local windows account. Would it still go to AD to authenticate?


Do you mean you are running SQL on your local machine? (You didn't say that before). If not, how are the Windows accounts created in SQL? Go to SSMS, open security/logins, right-click on the user id in question, select script to clipboard and paste the results here.