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Log shipping Issues

Hi ,
We are using sql2012 for our monitoring software in both DC(Primary) and DR (Secondary)site.
The thing is that some 15 days earlier the DR site was down for three days and after that the logshipping was stopped in DR site.The DC site is creating new logs every 15 mins but its not getting shipped to the DR site.
I checked the last log file in DR site and it was the file which was replicated before the DR went down.
On our DC we have configured the Sql to delete logs older than 7 days so its not possible to copy logs from DC to DR manually and then start the copy and restore jobs in DR.
So my question is that how can i resume logshipping in DR.We don't have the requirement for the older logs in DR.So is it possible to restart the logshipping without the need of copying any logs from DC to DR or reset the logshipping sequence.

I dont have any SQL knowledge so please guide me in easier terms.

If this is standard Microsoft log shipping just restore a recent, within 3 days, FULL backup on the secondary WITH NORECOVERY. Most of the time it will then sort itself without having to re-configure log shipping.