I have a very large database.I tried to update old records from one of the tables . I ran the command in sql server

this is my error
The transaction log for database '*****' is full due to 'ACTIVE_TRANSACTION'.
The statement has been terminated.

are you doing any backups? when was the last time you backed up your database?

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Post DDL for the tables with sample data DML

Yup, that's an important detail to look out for.

This simply means your transaction log is full. There could be various reasons for getting ACTIVE TRANSACTON error like disk full,maximum size is set etc.
Identify your active transaction by running DBCC OPENTRAN or sys.dm_tran_active_transaction. Once tracked,either commit or rollback.

With a very large table you may have exceeded the space available in the log file folder. Try doing a smaller number of rows at a time with commits along the way. You could add additional log file(s) on a drive with more space.