This is really just a question of clarification rather than procedure. I believe I have the answer in fact, but just want some confirmation of my conclusion.

I've created a few reports using SSIS and output as reports to SSRS. This all done on one of my home machines, and thus my local machine is acting as a server for SSRS. So, anyone whom tries to view my reports via the Web by going to the url and having MS SSRS launch it will need my machine connected and running to see it, right? Since my machine is acting as server for these reports it needs to have an internet connection and of course have the software running on it, if a user attempts to go to the SSRS site.

Your conclusions are correct. You can go to SSRS configuration manager and under Report Manager URL tab, it will show you the URL to access your SSRS pages.

Thx for the confirmation JamesK. Now, I'll need to figure a way using something like a cloud service to have them available when I'm not at home and my machines are off. Google Drive is not a good solution. I don't think I can upload all the necessary software there.