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Load milion rows by ssis


i try to load by ssis million rows to table with indexes (clustered and non clustered)

but it takes a long time (approximatliy a 12 minutes)

how can i load it faster



You can disable the indexes, load the data, and then enable the indexes. This may or may not be faster. But, if your source data is ordered by the clustered key, you can keep the clustered index, specify table lock and ordered and import - which might be faster.

Take a look at this article, particularly the section where he shows an example of importing data that is already in the cluster key order.


Use Fast Load Option in Data Flow.
Disable Indexes, Constraints


i disable the indexes , but the rebuild take me a long of time.

i mean,
i need to disable the indexes, load 3 million of rows to table every night and rebuild the indexes

it take me a 20 minutes , i want to reduce the time and run as much it can