Linked Server Queries in SSMS

Hello, I'm having trouble running a query in one SSMS database which sources data from a linked server. The connection to the linked server is functioning, in that I can run the view successfully from within the source. The error I'm getting after a few minutes is 'Could not open a connection to SQL Server [53]'.

I'm assuming that my windows authentication to access the source database is all that's needed or do I have to code this into the query despite it being a functioning linked server?

The code is...
SELECT * FROM OPENQUERY(remoteserver, 'SELECT TOP (10) field
FROM remoteserver.schema.dbo.table')

What am I missing?

You should need to specify the removeserver name in the FROM clause itself. Also, what is "schema" in this case? "dbo" is the schema in this case. What you have as "schema" needs to be the name of the database.

Disclaimer... I'm doing this "blind" because I'm not currently working on a machine that has any linked servers to do a "proof" of what I'm saying.