Linked server joining

Have two SQL server A and B.
B has linked A sever.

When tryjng to join two columns in A and B,
servername.dbname.dbo table name format,
Unable to join.

Please advise

Shall we play Guess the Error Message?

If you are joining on strings there might be different collations:

SQL Server collation introduction with collate SQL casting (

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Joining to a linked server will also likely have extremely bad performance. Depending on the linked server product and driver, you'll likely get row-by-row processing (cursor) access on the remote side, and you'll definitely copy the entire dataset over to the local server. The query optimizer will be unlikely to use any indexes or other optimizations.

So, what will be the ideal way to fetch record from two different server with more than one hundred thousand (lakh) of records?

I posted a reply here:

As we're moving on from the original topic of this post.