Linked server error


I created the Linked server in ServerA using the command :

EXEC sp_addlinkedserver





I am able to get the output using through linked server query - select * from in ServerA

But when ever i am trying to query from remote server ServerC i am getting below output.

Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON'.

Please help me how to resolve the error?



A connection from server 'c' to server 'a' that accesses a linked server that connects to server 'b' requires Kerberos to be setup and working correctly for all 3 servers.

This is known as the double-hop issue and most people end up changing the connection type between server 'a' and server 'b' to avoid the issue. If you map a user to a specific login/user from server 'a' to server 'b' using SQL authentication - the second hop is no longer windows based so it doesn't need Kerberos.