Leveling Up

This software has the concept of "levels". Somewhere in your profile it categorizes you as New, Basic, Member, or Regular. There are also Moderators but those are manually created.

You can find the definitions at https://meta.discourse.org/t/what-do-user-trust-levels-do/4924/7

It looks like people are stumbling on the Likes. Getting from Basic -> Member requires casting one Like. Getting from Member to Regular requires casting 30 Likes and receiving 20 Likes. Nearly everyone is receiving enough Likes but most aren't casting that many.

So first, I'd like to encourage you to cast more Likes. Most of the active users spend much more time answering questions than asking them which I assume leads to casting fewer Likes. You can certainly Like other user's posts if they provide a good answer to a question. Or write something clever and insightful :smile:

The other things that Likes do is encourage good behavior. It's a way to say to the newer (or older) users "These are the kinds of posts we ... like ... to have on the site".

My second thought on this is whether receiving 20 Likes and giving 30 Likes are the right numbers to advance to a Regular user. And it's giving and receiving those Likes in the last 100 days. It's something you'd need to keep doing.

Two key features of being a Regular user are recategorizing and renaming topics and spam flags on new users take effect immediately. I think having more people with those abilities helps the forums.

Should we think about changing these numbers? Are they too high? Ok, for now?

How about moderators manually elevate "trusted" members to regular in order to "recruit" forum helpers?
Or maybe create a new level "trusted member/regular/forum helper"? And maybe these people can recruit/elevate members aswell?

That's how the old forums were. We had to manually promote people to moderate. And there were only two levels -- user and moderator. I like this better. Users gradually get more input into shaping the functionality of the forums. I also like that automated part.

I'm just trying to figure out if the standards are reasonable or if we need to adjust them.

In my oppinion, the values are fine. If you are in need of more people helping the forum, I (still) think manual elevation or new level is the way to go.