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Latency from On-Prem to Azure

He experts,
We are pulling lots of rows over the LAN in clear text and then running a query. The latency from the on-prem SQL Server to SQL Azure is 30 ms.

Are there could be some compression options for SQL over WAN links that might be available in later sql versions?

From what I recall, the SQL connection libraries do not do any compression. The later versions for SQL 2016 or 2017 support Always Encrypted encryption. Whether they support compression I can't say, and you'd have no control over it and would have to use Always Encrypted.

I know that there are specialized network devices that can compress packets, but you'd need to configure them at each end of your network, I don't believe they'd be compatible with Azure.

Thanks @robert_volk robert_volk. This is 2019 SQL on Azure VM. We do not have Always Encryption enabled.