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Large File Copy to Remote Location (unattended)

Not a SQL question, but maybe something you have experience of?

User did a DragAndDrop in Windows Explorer at 16:55 on Friday hoping that the file would have copied by Monday morning ... to be greeted, this morning, with "Network Error"

I've used RoboCopy successfully with flaky networks, so I'm planning on going that route.

But what I think?? I want is:

User puts the file-to-be-copied in a "OfficeX Send" folder

Some sort of BATCH process MOVES the file to "Sending" folder, and starts the RoboCopy-to-remote

The Target folder (on Remote) will be "Receiving". Once the copy completes the Target File will be moved from "Receiving" to "Files from OfficeY" folder, and the original source file will be moved to a "OfficeX Send Done" folder

So basically a Queue system, as I don't want people interfering with files that are in the process of being copied, potentially leaving the far end "in limbo", nor do I want people at the far end clicking on files thinking they have arrived, when they are still being copied.

But maybe something like RoboCopy can do this without any String & Gum moving files from "OfficeX Send" into "Sending", at the source end, and "Receiving" to "Files from OfficeY" at the remote end?