Khan Academy

I've having trouble with Khan Academy Challenge: Book list database

How can we help

I need some help with CREATE TABLE Books (ID INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, Name TEXT, Rating INTEGER); INSERT INTO Books VALUES (1, "Matched", 7); INSERT INTO Books VALUES (2, "Crossed", 9); INSERT INTO Books VALUES (3, "Reached", 10); SELECT * FROM Books;

It asks a question and I don't know how to fix it

Could you help me?

What seems to be the issue? I am not understanding what you need

When you put that code into the challenge a sentence posts up asking a question. I don't understand what the are asking for?

Can anyone help?

Would be to your disadvantage to answer questions for tests and homework

We can't see the sentence that posts up so it's very hard to help. These forums are specifically for Microsoft SQL Server.

I've read this thread and I don't understand what the problem is or what you're asking.