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Joining table with Command - Crystal Reports



I need to make a report where I need to combine Command and another table together.
How can I integrate a table in the SQL query in Command so I can have all fields and formulas from that table in Command?

The query for Command is really long and complicated and it's used in another report. I'm trying to use this Command with another table called mCallEnd because I need couple of fields from mCallEnd table to make my report.
How can I do that in SQL query?

Command is on this link: http://www.docdroid.net/13pis/command1.txt.html


I presume that you mean: take the result of the final query (after -- Join results) and join these results to another table. If that is what you want, wrap the final query like this

select *
from (
...current query ...
) sub
join anothertable at
on sub.? = at.?

however, what the join predicates are I cannot tell. Hopefully you know what to do there.