Job time issue

hi team ,

i have scheduled a job daily at 8:30 am and it is supposed to run 10 to 15 mins but when i cheeked job history at 9:00 am it was not even started.
When i again check around 10:00 am it is running and then completed around 10:12 am after executing successfully.

Please help me understand taht why there is time diffrence between this. Please let mw know what i should check.

Is the instance hosted at your site or another? Could the time zone of the instance server be different?

Right-click on the Job Activity Monitor (under SQL Server Agent) and select View Job Activity. That will tell you what the system thinks when the last run was and when the next run is scheduled for. You can also look at the job history.

If that indicates that the system thinks the run was at 10:00, then re-check your schedule to make sure that it is correct. If it thinks the run was at 8:00 then, it could be the time zone issue that @djj55 mentioned.