Job failing

hi everyone.
i have a job running every 15 minutes. the job executes Sp. AND IT IS BEEN FAILING THE LAST 2 DAYS. i have checked on error log but i couldn't find any hints.
the error shows ::: Executed as user: NT SERVICE\SQLAgent$AM94. Warning: Null value is eliminated by an aggregate or other SET operation. [SQLSTATE 01003] (Message 8153) Invalid object name 'consolidatedBillingSummaryCache_Test'. [SQLSTATE 42S02] (Error 208). The step failed.

This is your problem - the SP is referencing the above object which no longer exists.


I agree with jeff.

Maybe you need to include a db name on the object?:
... [db_name].dbo.consolidatedBillingSummaryCache_Test ...

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the first line is truncating from IVANCentral.dbo.consolidatedBillingSummaryCache_Test. Is the proc running in the same DB? Otherwise, you'll need 3 part naming convention every time you access it.

thank you for responding , i realized that the job executes 2 sps. one from different server and one from the same server.