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Issues posting code


@HarrisQ, I'm hoping this thread finds you. Can you try posting your code in here?

If it still doesn't work can you delete the cookies for this site and try again?



I have deleted cookies and will try posting something new later. I have now written a lot more code and it has become somewhat too 'involved' for posting. However, if the code below posts then some level of success......

In answer to the question i posted, i ended up writing a series of If statements with table updates.

Example for when the first 3 letter of the string (@VarDate) where 'Sat'
------------SAT statements
If @WeekdayName = 'Sat'

SET F6 = @NewDate
WHERE @Sat= 'Sat' and id =6 ;

But i'm pretty sure i will have plenty more questions!!!!

Thank you for persevering.