Issue with upgrading SQL Server on Virtual machine

Hi, I was hoping someone could help me with an SQL Server upgrade. I'm not sure if stating it's a Virtual Machine is pertinent (yet).

I have two instances on my virtual machine (MSSQLSERVER and SQL2008).
MSSQLSERVER stores the SQL Engine
SQL2008 stores AS and RS
and Shared components are: SSMS, Adv_SSMS, Conn, BC, SDK, IS

I have to install SP1 and I'm assuming it's on the MSSQLSERVER (is SQL2008 sharing the Engine with this server?). However, when I attempt to patch SP1, I get a dialogue saying that there are no instances for this patch. When I attempt to upgrade to 2012, I get that SP1 is required.

I'm not getting any options to patch either instance. Has anyone ran into this problem? Could it be because there are shared components? It comes up that the SQL Version is (Hypervisor) so I'm not sure if it's because it's a virtual machine.

Hope someone can help.


Shared components are shared. that means that if you apply a SP, the shared components are updated. They are shared between both instances.

BTW, is MSSQLSERVER also SQL 2008?

DO you mean SQL 2008 or SQL 2008 R2? (It should be R2)

Thanks for the response. MSSQLSERVER and all other components, instances are Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 (Developer Edition 10.50.1600.1).


Probably you already have SP1 installed. Did you check? SP1 is pretty old. You could (probably should) apply SP3 instead

It was really just to upgrade to SQL 2012 as SP1 is required. Unfortunately it's coming up on the UPGRADE RULES as failed for 'SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 1 or later is required for upgrade'.

I guess I could try and patch SP3 and give that a go. It's just strange how it's not recognising the SP1.