Issue while upgrading sql 2012 express to sql server 2016 express


We have a requirement to upgrade SQL 2012 Express edition(11.0.7493) to SQL Server 2016 Express Edition.

While upgrading SQL Server 2012 Express edition to SQL Server 2016 express edition, it is not allowing to update DB engine, it says " It is not possible to change the sql server features to be upgraded in this release" , I have tried with SQL Server 2016 Express Advanced and Core versions.

Do we have to use any other SQL Server 2016 versions to upgrade the SQL 2012 express edition. we want upgrade to only SQL Server 2016 express edition.

Is it possible to upgrade SQL 2012 Express to SQL 2016 express edition. ?

can you please suggest.


Subhani SK

I would recommend the following. Personally I do not like upgrades.
Not sure in the Express case but this is what I prefer to do

  1. Take full back up of current Db(s)
  2. Install a new instance with 2016 Express on same server, set specific port
  3. Try restoring backups to new 2016 Express instance
  4. Stop previous instance services
  5. Point your apps to new instance:port