Is this normal? Storage going offline in cluster when stopping SQL ROLE

I have never noticed this before but can anyone confirm for me that is normal... When stopping my SQL ROLE within the cluster it is taking my storage offline. Windows 2016 with SQL 2016 if that matters. If I start the role back up the storage is coming back online so the only real issue is that if I take SQL ROLE offline then it forces me to having to bring online each drive to work on the physical files while having SQL services stopped.

Noticed the behavior because when moving the ROLE to another NODE I'm seeing random messages from one of my drives that chkdsk needs to be run. So stopped my SQL ROLE to do just that and noticed my drive is offline.

TIA for the help.

I've never heard of that one. (I admit I'm not a storage person but heavyweight SQL DBA.)

Just tried on my SQL 2012 cluster and it does the same thing... this is either normal OR we have our setup configured incorrectly.