Is SQL Server the right tool?

Hi - I trialed SQL Server a while ago but didn't really know what I was doing. I am used to using MS Access and I want to build a database that ultimately I can put online and give people access to with permissions.

The data is monthly and 1 million rows per month (1gb) and I want about two years worth.

The idea is that people could search the database and get two years worth of data about 1 item or customer etc.

Is SQL Server the right way to go?

And would I load the data tables in separately and use some sort of union query to return the results (which would be slow in access)

or would I append all the months together in one 24 month table.

Just after a few pointers in the right direction before I go all out to learn something new.

Many thanks


Yes, you can use SQL server to store the amount of data that you have explained.
How many tables will you have for this?

You need to properly create Indexes on the tables and regularly maintain them to avoid index that your select queries perform better.