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Is my ss2014 Enterprise machine limited to 20 cores?




While attempting to remove 1 of 48 CPUs (all cores) via I/O masking for best practice tuning, discovered my sql Enterprise installation appears to be limited to 20 CPUs despite the machine having 48 cores. Various checks all confirm sql can only see 20 cpu's, although the dev box (developer instance) can see all 48 cpu's. Confirmed this is Ent Edition and Standard is limited to 16 cores so why we getting a limit of 20 cpu's? Any ideas please?

Error Message:
SQL Server detected 4 sockets with 12 cores per socket and 12 logical processors per socket, 48 total logical processors; using 20 logical processors based on SQL Server licensing.

Script used:
EXEC sys.xp_readerrorlog 0, 1, N'detected', N'socket';

SELECT node_id, node_state_desc, memory_node_id, processor_group, online_scheduler_count,
active_worker_count, avg_load_balance, resource_monitor_state
FROM sys.dm_os_nodes WITH (NOLOCK)

Thanks in advance


Dunno if this is the answer?

Existing Enterprise Edition licenses in the Server + CAL licensing model that are upgraded to SQL Server 2014 and beyond will be limited to server deployments with 20 or fewer cores. This 20-core limit applies only to SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Edition Server licenses in the Server + CAL model and will still require the appropriate number/versions of SQL Server CALs for access.



Thanks Kristen,

I did read the 20 cpu upgrade limit but only thought in the context of how much MS will charge with SA already purchased.

As you quite rightly pointed out looks too much of a coincidence so I will follow up what kind of install the sql box is. (I did not install it)

Big thanks