Is it possible to join a new table to an existing table with data?

Hello good people. I am not sure if this the category for this table. Please advise if not. Thank you in advance.

I have several related tables.

One of which is called Employee table.

When an employee submits an application, certain information related to that employee like EmployeeID (PK, auto generated), Employee name, title, emailAddress.

The rest of the related information are submitted in the rest of the related table.
The only relevant table here to my question is the Employee table.

Employees have been submitting applications to these related tables now for over 2 years.

Yesterday, management provided me with a list of the employees who are actually authorized to submit information to this Employee table and related tables.

They are asking me to check the employee table and compare the names there to the list they just handed over to me and ask that I write a stored procedure that will go through the list they just handed to me and send them email reminders to go and complete this form.

I can write the stored procedure that will handle this new request.

However, the issue that I am faced with is how to compare the Employee table with the list of employees who have already submitted the form against the list they just gave to me and send email reminders to that list.

Is there a way to compare the two tables?

What I find challenging is the list I was given does not have any key that can relate it to the Employee table that have list of employees who have already completed the form.

Any thoughts on how to approach this?

At this point, I am not sure what additional information you would want me to provide.

Please advise.

Thank you in advance for your assistance

You have to decide what information to use to match with the Employee table. We can't really help you with that. Perhaps you can use telephone no or some other identification number to do it