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Is "capability" a SQL key word?


I'm using vim to edit SQL scripts. For some reason, it syntax highlights the word "Capability". Superficial Googling doesn't indicate that it is a keyword. Is it special in any way?


did you check here:

Reserved Keywords (Transact-SQL)


Just now. It doesn't show up.

BTW, I thought http://forums.sqlteam.com was a generic SQL forum, but now that I look more closely, it identifies as Microsoft SQL Server forums at SQLTeam.com. Which makes me wonder whether there are other forums at SQLTeam.com. Trying to get to them, it seems not. Clicking on the SQL team icon simply brings me to the forum that identifies as Microsoft SQL Server forums.


Also, when posting, it says that I'm watching this thread. However, it doesn't seem to be through instant email.


If you look at forum categories, you'll see what is here. but no, this is not a generic SQL forum. Also keep in mind that each vendor implements SQL slightly differently and may have different lists of reserved words. You can check the ANSI SQL docs, but you have to pay for them!


I don't like paying (selfish that way). You would figure, however, that if Capability was a keyword in some dialect, there would be some indication of this via google search. It must be a slip-up in the syntax definition for SQL (in vim, that is).

P.S. Looks like instant email notification is now working. On your 2nd reply, that is.


In case of any help I see a drop-down at the bottom of the page offering Watching / Tracking / ... / Muted

Dunno about VIM but the editor I use allows me to edit the Keyword list - might be an option for you? I'm mean too, and I haven;t upgraded my editor in years ... but I have added Microsoft's new Keywords to my editor's configurable list :smile:


It said that I was watching because I initiated the thread. And it still says that I'm tracking. Just kind of odd that the 1st reply didn't trigger a notification. No biggy.

About modifying the keyword list, I don't have a problem with the word being highlighted. It's just that I've never heard of that keyword before, so I was wondering whether I've just been missing something all this while.