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Inventory management system

hello members of SQLTeam
i was assigned a task to create a new inventory management system as part of a school assignment, now the inventory i have in mind should have book in(entry date+PO Number+supplier name+item iamge), Item details(report+condition of the item+serial/barcode+lot number) and finally if there is any goods being issued out then it should like have a small image of the location.
i have no clue on where to start with the database and barcode and the location.
please help out.

Even the simplest inventory management system is beyond the scope of a form post...

Best thing to do is start by gathering all of the necessary requirements for what it's going to have to do. From there you should be able to figure out what data points are going to have to be captured and stored. Once you have that, start applying the normal forms to create you tables.

You should be able to use the AdventureWorks database as starting point. IIRC it tracks product inventory.

Not a recommendation but you might check open source offerings