Interview questions of getting and managing data

How would you answer a question from an interviewer on how you got data and then managed it, my cocern is about beiing too technically detailed and difficult to follow but then on the other hand being too vague so it sounds like you maybe didnt complete the action. I have had feedback about both scenarios and so I am lacking confidence in answering this question.

From your description, the question may be related to the governance of data operations and understanding Data Lineage.

"Data lineage is the description of data movements and transformations at various abstraction levels along data chains and of the relationships between data at these levels."

That quote is taken from this article: Data Lineage: the Needs of and Benefits to Various Stakeholders - Data Crossroads

I would recommend learning about data governance and data lineage to understand how it impacts data operations. ETL makes it too easy to create data "islands" that become "technical debt" when not managed well.

It's an important concept for data professionals because data complexities are increasing cost to organizations.

You are right about being too technical in your answer. I think they want to know if you understand higher-level data concepts and how they impact data operations.

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Hi James, many thanks, I am working on this now.