Install visual studio and MS SQL server


From my experience in the past I had some hard time or trouble installing both visual studio and MS SQL server in the same computer. It looks like because both install, they overlap in some areas (installation file) that either if we install one before the other or uninstall one and not the other it cause problem with using the one that is still there.

For example, if we uninstall visual studio I think it end up uninstalling some downloaded file from MS SQL server to not work properly or vice versa and is frustrating that you have to remove both and do a reinstall of it properly.

Do you experience any of this as well ?

I have found, on my PC, that i need to install SQL Server first, Visual Studio then SSMS in that order to get around various errors (don't recally what they are now) but we don't install VS on our database servers so not sure if that is an issue there.

I have not seen this issue since Microsoft made SSMS a separate download and installation. The only reason now to have different versions of SSMS is to be able to access SSIS/SSRS from SSMS - and normally that isn't required except to modify the configuration.

Starting with MS Visual Studio 2019, Microsoft decides to make SSIS, SSRS and SSAS as market downloadable extension.

I usually install MS Visual Studio before SQL Server but as of VS 2019, updates are out every week so I have installed SQL Server and SSMS first.

Installing VS 2019 and SSIS extension works fine with Excel files. But as soon as I install SSAS and SSRS extensions, SSIS can no longer see MS Excel worksheets through the MS Excel connectors even with the installation of the MS Access Database Engine. I was able to replicate this bug on 3 different PC.