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Install SQL 2014 data/log to root drive problem


Hi, folks,

I got in this installation dilemma, and need your help to move forward.

It is a new VM windows server 2012 R2. I installed SQL 2014 Ent by accidentally specified User db and tempdb log directory to F:\ and backup directory to H:.

Then my restore command failed. and under file explorer the F and H drives said is not accessible, access is denied. And under properties, showed 0 bytes size.

It turned out, SQL tightens the ACL for default data/log directories to exclude broad access for all authenticated users. If the drive root is chosen as the default data/log location then SQL will tighten the root ACL and thus effectively locking down the whole volume.
The recommended course of action is to always use a subdirectory to store SQL data/log files.

My question is what options do I have now to correct above installation?



for instance, I have tried from within SSMS, server properties, database settings. That seems do not work.
Installation repair has not such option.

Next step, unistall sql server?


uninstall then reinstall solved the problem. There may be other options, but running out of time.