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Inserting Textbox Data Into SQL Database


Being a newbie, all the forum info is a bit confusing. I need to know the steps in getting the data from the textboxes into the database, such as connecting, inserting, etc. I need to do this with a button click.

Thank you.


I think a forum for you front end might be more helpful. You do not give a code type like .NET for us to help.


If you are a Microsoft Shop, and you are not trying to build a Web-based / Browser Form interface, then MS Access might be your easiest route. All sorts of nice "Point and Click" design tools for creating Forms etc.

Access can store data within itself, to store data in SQL Server instead you need to create "Linked Tables" in Access - basically this just tells Access that "Definition and Location of tables is to be found HERE rather than locally"


As Kristen said, this isn't the right place for help, but I can get you started. From the Visual Studio Toolbox, you need to add a connection object to the bottom of your form. It will also need two other objects which I cannot remember off the top of my head. Set these objects up by selecting properties on a right click and filling in the requested information. Pretty painless after the first time!