Insert into

ql 2008 - INSERT INTO
Wants to move(copy) data from different DATABASE

Database names are
And in both the DATABASE ONE TABLE is common ie. Product
now i wants to copy the content of table from 'RUNDATA\Product' TO BAKDATA\Product

what will be the query for vic versa Database...

select * from RUNDATA.dbo.product into BAKDATA.dbo.product
Assuming the table lies in the dbo schema.

SELECT * INTO BAKDATA.dbo.product FROM RUNDATA.dbo.product;

If the table already exists - and that table already has data, it becomes a bit more involved. You have to use an INSERT statement - and check for existence to only insert new rows. If you need to UPDATE existing rows - then you need to perform an INSERT and then and UPDATE - or preferably a MERGE.

Agree,If this is going to be a recurring process SSIS would be a good option to handle data cleansing.