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Insert help

I'm doing a SQL course on udemy following along ive created the following:

CREATE TABLE NFL (jersey int, person varchar(50), ethnicity varchar(40));

INSERT INTO nfl(jersey number, player, race)
VALUES (43, 'brown', 'african'),
(98, 'cox', 'african'),
(5, 'cousins', 'white'),
(12, 'brady', 'mexican'),
(15, 'hill', 'cuban');


all iv'e done was replace the topic from the videos which were a cat tables and did a nfl table instead. I keep getting errors that i dont see what's wrong its identical to what im following on udemy, all thats working is the create table line and nothing else. Whats am i not doing?

Your insert statement is not corrected:

INSERT INTO NFL(jersey, person, ethnicity)

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Hey thanks for the response your correction worked! i appreciate it