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Insert data from SQL server to Sharepoint list using web service


Hi Team

I have an idea how to load data from SQL server to SharePoint and vice versa using SharePoint list adaptors .This adaptors work fine and work like magic but because of security compliances my client does not allow this adaptor to use.

I have used web service and found some C# Code to fetch the SharePoint list data in SQL server.I am not very good in C# coding ,This code was given by the other SSIS + C# developer, I have just mentioned my list name and columns name only to fetch the data from SharePoint list.
This code is used in script component.

Now what I need here that would like to know the C# Code which can insert the data from SQL server to SharePoint list using web service (Why I am repeating here web service because we only have this option left with us)

Can someone please assist or suggest me only web service option to load
data from SQL server table to SharePoint list so that I can use that code in script complonent in SSIS.

I have done following work around

  1. Web service is ready.
    2, Used web service to fetch data from SharePoint list to SQL server.

3. Need to know the way to load SQL server data back in SharePoint list.

Any help regarding web service will be much appreciated.