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Inner Join With Select Statement

Hello everyone.
I'm new to this forum, so I'm pretty sure I'm doing something wrong here lol...
Anyway, I'm having a problem regarding an SQL statement that I use very commonly on SQL Server Studio Management, but it gives me an SQL error on Informix platform.

Here's an exemple of the SQL statement:

FROM t1 AS tEx1
MAX(date) AS modate
GROUP BY order_num) AS tEx2
ON tEx1.order_num = tEx2.order_num
AND tEx1.date = tEx2.modate

Am I missing something for the Informix platform? Any clues?

Can you post the error message?

It's just the generic syntax error. Not quite much to go from there :confused:

SQL Error (-201): A syntax error has occurred.

Hmmm I think you might have to post this question on an Informix site.

Ok... thanks, might as well just do that.