Incorrect selection of SSIS component in MSBI

The lab is of SSIS project and while using Conditional split this is the error which was faced by a trainee conducted at SBSS. The screencap of the error is as follows:

The solution to the problem is that the trainee had taken the ‘Flat File Source’ Component instead of ‘Flat File Destination’. When the error data or any kind of data to be loaded always use ‘Flat File Destination’ or other components from “Other Destinations” option in SSIS Toolbox, because loading of data should always be in destination file not in the source file.

After taking the ‘Flat Destination File’

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What is SSBS?

Other than that, what is this post for? I don't see a question here.

however, you should definitely take some training. Pluralsight has some great material on SSIS.