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In-Memory OLTP tables


I was experimenting with these, In-Memory OLTP tables. 2014. Lots of disadvantages:

  • no FKs
  • can't alter table
  • no varchar(max)

Made me wonder, has anyone used these? How was the experience?

In one scenario, I tried running 2 identical queries, one on an OLTP in-memory table and one using the regular table. In the execution plan, the cost was 99 to 1. But when I timed it with SET STATISTICS TIME ON, it's more like 60/40.


There are definite drawbacks to In-memory/Hekaton tables in SQL 2014, but if they fit your needs, they can be much faster than disk-based tables.

Also, many of the limitations have been removed in SQL Server 2016, so if you can upgrade to it, you'll find them much more usable.