Impossible to connect database server via Management Studio

I'm not able to connect a DB Server via IP address using my SQL Server 2019 Management Studio though via Remote Desktop I can access to this DB Server.
Where I have to investigate to solve this problem?

Thanks a lot.


please see if below links help

Your question isn't clear. Can you connect when using RDP, but not from your machine?? Can you ping the server. Why are you using IP address instead of ServerName or AG Name?

in relation to your network where is the sql server located at?

  • Local network?
  • Cloud?
  • Work network accessed via vpn

Can you be a little bit more detailed?

I'm using the FortiVPN Client.
On the remote server I can connect only via Remote Desktop, not via Management Studio and not via Ping.
I'm using only IP address (but I know the Db server name also).


what happens when you do the following in command line



nope. first nslookup by itself, then you enter the server name. Please google nslookup. Also you just exposed your ip addresses to the whole world. I would remove that Luigi

If you can't ping the servername or IP, then it's probably being blocked by a firewall

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Yes, that's fixed the problem.
Thank you Mike.