Importing multiple excel files into different sql tables using one single ssis package

Hi All,

I'm pretty new using SSIS and I'm trying to simplify something that I'm building. I have software
that downloads multiple excel files and save them on a share drive. I
need to build a package that can import the different files into
different tables in sql without having to create a single package per
file. There are around 20 files but the tricky part is that those files
are downloaded every hour. I need a way if possible to create a single
package to import those files and then archive them to another
directory. Also the files have the initial file name description and
then it add random numbers at the end. If anybody have done this before
or can give me some light i'll really appreciated.

Certainly you can do it in one package. There are two ways:

  1. Multiple data flows, one per destination table
  2. Single data flow, with multiple sources and destinations
  3. (I said two, but I lied!) Combination of 1 and 2

Thank you for the recommendation! Do you have any reference or tutorials where I can do this without reading a 500 pages book? Also I'm looking at moved the file to an Archive folder after the file is imported into sql. I found a good example that currently works but is missing the archive portion. Any help would be much appreciated.


Check out Stairway to Integration Services

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