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Importing from Excel to SQL 2012

I have a client that want import some data that that has fields data with numeric and Alpha in it (98790 or J85679). Not all these records are coming over how do I get this to load into SQL?

Any ideas would be great.


Which aren't coming over? How are you importing? You haven't given enough information to give any useful suggestions.

From the Primary Procedure Code Column (CPT Codes). Anything that does not have a letter in it is not showing up. Like number like this 11100,11101,99203,99214,99213 are not getting imported into SQL but the Letter codes are.

The way I am importing the data into SQL is by the Import Wizard.


If you haven't already, install SSDT. Create a new SSIS project. Delete the Package.dtsx and right click Packages select Import Wizard and import your file. Open the package and examine what the import wizard generated. Does the preview show the data as expected?