Importing DATABASE Syntax Error

Hello Everybody!

I'm desperate trying to find someone that can help me going through this. Context: I'm developing a simple eshop to a French client (i'm portuguese) at PRESTASHOP, everything went marvellous but we faced some issues when configuring the Payment System ATOS. We were using services, and due to those issues we have recently changed to OVH.

PROBLEM: OVH offers a database, and now when i'm trying to import my database i have the following error: "You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near './PaxHeaders.7074"

OVH help me to find what the issue was, but can't help solve it because this "goes out of their scope", and i have really tiny experience with this so PLEASE is there anyone that can help me out?

I'm even available to pay for this in order to solve it with the max urgency. The eshop has been delayed because of this matter and i can't delay it much longer.

Thank you very very much for any help provided!

Best Regards,

This is a Microsoft SQL Server forum. You are likely to get faster/better responses at a MySQL forum.