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Importing csv to SQL Server


done it all before. using the wizard, simple import tool to end up as a SSIS package. I think the contents might be the whole problem. Too much mucking about. Only 7 columns. last column seems a compound of the previous 6, a bit. Tried doing all in this hashed column. failed. ticked headers in 1st row or no. Neither helps. Also unicode has no effect. Preview shows what I want. I need to delete 3 unwanted columns. Doing this is catastrophous. one removed column becomes an amalgam added to last column. Anyone get this? Second and third unwanted column of trivial rubbish seems not to follow my orders to erase them - to compound the single column remaining. Disappointed. All CR, LF options played with. Hopefully the answer to the mess is what the provider created. Tested the VNWare bridge of Mac / PC downloads. Same csv isn't getting anywhere. My answer is to user Crystal to do the lot. √ But only one snapshot per download. No history. I want to build history. All properly imported. Even tried a pure export csv generated by Crystal to put into a table for SQL Server 2008. fail. Any tips? I'm overwhelmed how simple detail bring errors. MS is error. C++.. everything in my life. Excel even causes a few problems Crystal all trustworthy but needs Windoze so bound to a life of errors


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Yup, I've got a whole walk-in-wardrobe of T-shirts from doing that.

We now do it the hard way and to achieve that have evolved, over a decade or more, a set of Stored Procedure templates that reliably handle data import from the crappy files of goofy, low quality, data that our clients expect us to magically a) import but more importantly b) present to their users as useful, usable, data.

Perhaps I did answer the wrong question though Tara :smile: